Hardware suggestions to support 5 VLAN subnets on a portable battery power wifi router

Hey guys, am after some suggestions for a portable battery powered wifi router with a single Ethernet port that will support 5 separate subnets using vlan and OpenWRT.

I am a service tech connecting to a big electric dump truck in the mines of Central Queensland. Our Autonomous trucks are accessible through a single switch via Ethernet, and the various bits of kit on the network cover 5 separate subsets. I want to buy and configure a router with OpenWRT to be able to connect the router to the single ethernet port and connect my laptop via wifi to talk to all the various subnets without changing the subnets on the router. I am assuming that I can do this via VLAN's. The HooToo Titan I current use is perfect for a single subnet, but only supports 2 VLAN's I believe.

Are there any hardware options available that will allow 4 or 5 VLAN's?

Thanking you in advance for any guidance.

not really enough info... mostly depends if what is wired upstream is tagging on the wire ( trunk ) or not... I assume it is... and whether or not you wanted VAP ( separate wlan's per vlan )...

fundamentally tho' almost all openwrt devices allow for plenty of wired dot 1q tags ( ipq4x having some issues with certain vlans maybe )... VAP count is more hardware specific...

taking a laymans guess... gl-inet type devices appear to be quite suitable for this use case... or some of the cheap mt alibaba ( mifi? ) style units...

alot will depend on what type of battery source were talking about ( runtime etc. )

p.s. let me know if there are any jobs going :wink: