Hardware suggestions needed for a professional gamer

Hi all guys, I need your opinion regarding my gaming/connection setting. I'm a professional gamer so I was trying to improve my hardware for connection. I'm Italian, as an ISP I use Sky Wifi which unfortunately uses Map-t with IPv6 routing and this is the problem. I use Ont connected to the modem, I have a gigabit line for download and 300 MB for upload. The modem provided by the operator reaches gigabit but does not delegate IPV6 (in some games you can really hear the difference between IPV4 and IPV6 when searching for a game) and double NAT with a cascade router. At home I have a Netgear XR500 with OpenWRT NSS. my current settings is Ont-xr500 with Nss build of apccv because it has kmod for Map-t but I can't use SQM in this configuration. Without nss build my router kept the cpu at 100% and the maximum download at 200 megs. So I had in mind to use a modem or router connected to the ont only for the map-t which guarantees me the gigabit (it is possible to do a passthrough so as not to have a firewall or anything else that increases the ping or even create a firewall rule with dscp to give priority to the gamig pc packages) and then in cascade connect my xr500 which manages the devices through sqm and which gives priority to my gaming pc. In the end, the priority is to give priority to the game, therefore speed and stability with the xr500. What router or modem do you recommend? I could also buy an excellent router and leave the xr500 as the main router and buy a powerful router for gaming. Rightly the first router does not need wifi etc. Another question does anyone know if sky wifi use dscp on its routing?

Your IPv6 is from DHCPv6 and no RA, that's why you think there is no v6 delegation?
Can your down stream router do a ND Proxy + DHCPv6 relay?

I am in Japan which uses IPv6 with MAP-E (very similar to MAP-T) directly connecting to ISP for both IPv6 & IPv4 connectivity on my OpenWrt router which works well on 1G fiber.

the sky hub given by the ISP does not do IPv6 delegation, only for devices. However, with my router with openwrt it works perfectly but I have the problems I explained above.
I tried several times but if I put the router in cascade I receive IPv6 on the router but not on the connected devices. The sky hub is not good you can't set anything

I can't imagine doing it

My ISP in Japan is doing the same, that's why I use "ND Proxy" + "DHVPv6 relay" so that my clients behind my OpenWrt router can get IPv6 with same prefix.

I have to set it on the LAN side right? how did you solve the double nat problem?do I have to set relay mode in both? Don't you use RA Service?

So the thing is, doing traffic shaping @1Gbps is hard, and only few CPUs/SOCs are up to the task (x86 like intel's recent N100 or N95 SoCs come to mind, or some ARM based devices like the nanoPi or if you are willing to DIY maybe a raspberry pi 4b with USB3 gogabt ethernet dongle and a managed switch).

Or, you could test what performs better SQM @200 or NoSQM @1000 Mbps...
When I switched from 50/10 to 100/40 internet access capacity, my old router could not keep up, for my use cases using SQM at its limit of ~49/29 resulted in better responsiveness and usability than 100/40 without SQM. I am not saying this is always the best trade-off and will work out for everybody, just that this is an option as well.

Hi, I can't set it, can you explain how you did it?

Create a new thread perhaps, in the main using Openwrt forum ?