Hardware requirements to facilitate wifi client and access point

If I want to connect to a 5ghz AP as my "WAN" connection and also have a 5ghz AP to connect to LAN what are the hardware specs I should be looking for? Do any devices support this or does this typically use both the 2.4 ghz and 5ghz interfaces with one being the client and one being the AP.

There are tri band routers, with two 5ghz radios, and one 2.4ghz.

Some repeaters also have two 5ghz radios.

Would be great then to provide the brands. As they need to be supported by openwrt.

This is entirely possible with just a single 5ghz band. You pay a performance penalty, and have some interesting issues if the upstream AP goes down (which Travelmate will solve).

Your advice is a little misleading.

EA8300 would be one.

Is chain and band the same thing? I was hoping to use a Mikrotik device such as the hapac3

Is openwrt on mikrotik not common? There is a lack of posts on the subject