Hardware recommendations instead of RPi3

Hey Guys!

Well, the NetworkChuck Project on a RPi3 (in my case, he used a 4B), I'm looking for not so frustrating hardware for an AP like the thing in the Video, budget 20-40/50 EUR. I'm looking for a cheap and good available option because I'm not really into buying direct from China or so...

Thanks guys

What’s wrong with the 4B?

  1. I don't have one (as i mentioned, I used the 3B) and Prices are actually high here
  2. Constant stalls which i was warned of

it slightly confusing, if you just read it once, quickly ... :wink:

what are the requirements ?

how about a Zyxel Multy M1 ?

My bad, I apologize.

I don't really need WiFi 6 (not that I am aware of), just a "headache" free version for my AP Project.
Zyxel depends on what I'm finding on ebay.

not sure we know what that is ...

they're usually cheap, at least in EU, since people buy 3-packs, and sell one, when they only need two units.

Well, the Idea was that I can set up my own AP instead of using the WiFi in Hotels or so.

still not clear ...

will you provide your own internet access, or go via the hotel's internet ?

Going via the Hotel's WiFi

I've never stayed in a hotel providing wifi over anything else than 802.11n or wired, but I'd go for a triple radio device, like the Asus Lyra AC2200.

Just so we don't misunderstand. He is receiving the WiFi and setting his "own" AP.

That was the Idea. Well I will stay in some Hotels for some time and I don't like to use Hotel WiFi's or public WiFi like Starbucks or so.

Not going to watch it, but all openwrt routers can do this ...

That's totally fine.
So I think the Zyxel would be a good choice you think?

it's a little bulky, and it seems it only have one radio, I'd rather use a dual radio device.

Hmm, I understand.

What about the COVR-1862?
2x 2,4GHz and 2x5GHz Antennas?

Cudy WR3000 ?

just getting that overseas, on ebay or so

that one isn't supported, yet.

if you want something tiny, look at gl.inet.

Nah it can be bigger like this, that would be fine.