Hardware Recommendations for SMB with wireless

Hello, I have a research assignment that I am only able to ask people from community forum and I am having problem to selecting hardware that can create wireless network environment written below:

Wireless network access with multiple SSID’s on a single access point is ubiquitous in just about all SMB networks and is a requirement in all enterprise environments. How that is achieved is something I believe networking students should be able to comprehend as to why and then be able to implement.

Design a network topology that supports 3 wireless networks.

Network 1 = Admin Devices
Network 2 = Guest Devices
Network 3 = CCTV – Security Devices

Each network requires a separate SSID for wireless network access.

  • Each network should have its own LAN/Subnet range.
  • Network 1 requires a maximum of 500 usable IP’s
  • Network 2 requires a maximum of 250 usable IP’s
  • Network 3 requires a maximum of 1000 usable IP’s
  • Inter VLAN routing should be available between Network 1 and 3.
  • Network 2 should have internet access only and no access to Network 1 and 3
  • Network 2 should have the capability to “throttle” it’s network usage I.E. Max upload and download speeds.
  • Network 2 should have a forced portal with terms and conditions for network access.
  • Networks 1 and 3 require radius or single sign on authentication.
  • Network 2 requires only terms of service acceptance for access.
  • Network 2 should block client to client communications on that network.

If anybody can recommend me hardware for it, I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

Looks like you are going to have hundreds of clients?? I hope you are not expecting one single router to do all the work?

I think you need x86 router, then a few more WiFi APs?

Thank you very much for your kind respond.
I understand this environment will not be ideal in real-life situation at all.

Would you mind recommend me a device if you have to have a single AP for this environment?

This is impossible to achieve with a single AP: The WiFi cards are limited and cannot handle hundreds of clients. See for example the following very useful post: