Hardware options for running Docker

The other day, I was able to run docker run --rm -it openwrtorg/rootfs successfully as described here. And, from within the container, I was able to locate the docker-ce package. So, it seems, given an OpenWrt installation, I can install Docker engine and launch containers.

I would like to know about hardware options where Docker containers were run successfully.

I've used that on x86_64 target (aka normal PC hardware)

Although afaik all OpenWrt devices have kernel options to run docker https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/23049f9c31f030829980b7e32e424435572ae9ac
so as long as you have enough RAM it should be OK.

there is also a luci-app-dockerman package https://github.com/lisaac/luci-app-dockerman (that is merged in default repos) that adds to luci web interface a page to create and manage docker containers, like a more basic Portainer.

Btw, I'm talking about the current release candidate 21.02 or the development snapshot. OpenWrt release 19.07 does not have docker packages