Hardware Needed for IPTV router with multiple OpenVPN Tunnels

I’m an Australian living in Germany, I’d like to build a router primarily for IPTV use in order to receive TV from the UK, US, AU and to also just provide a local VPN tunnel for Germany too. I have a number of Smart TVs around the home, as well as kids watching on tablets and some FireTV sticks etc.

I want to control all aspects of foreign TV at router level. That way i can just open one app populated with all the m3u lists for live TV and that all the smart tv apps (Hulu, BBC, Nine.com.au etc) all just work on the TV with no other interaction (switching VPNs etc)

The home network is all running AVM Fritz gear, its solid and has no issues with connection on a 300MB Cable link.

I’d like to build an inline router specifically to manage the IPTV functions of the home. It would need to be able to:
1/ Maintain 4 x OpenVPN tunnels, each pointing to UK, AU, DE and US
2/ Route the TV request URLs to the relevant Tunnels using “VPN and WAN Routing Policy” https://docs.openwrt.melmac.net/vpn-policy-routing/

I already made some simple tests using an OrangePi R1 (that i already had lying around) and it seems to work and route, but of course I only had one port to test with and there were no VLAN functions available in the OpenWRT build for that device. Now I need to select a good router with 4 or more ports so I can setup a port for each OpenVPN and to enable VLANS as per this doc:

Without looking deep I had mistakenly ordered a TP-Link WR940N from Amazon for just Euro20, but when it arrived and I looked deeper I found this: https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr940n so I returned it without opening or testing as I assumed it would not allow me to:
3/ Run Luci
4/ Have capability for OpenWRT future releases
5/ Be able to run more functions if I were to add them.

So My question is:
What would be a good router for my purpose without needing to spend a lot of money?

I am considering this: Edgerouter X https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/edgerouter_x_er-x_ka
It seems to have a good amount of Flash and RAM and costs about 50 Euros and I don't need any wireless functions (wired only keeps this simple for me too). But I’d love to hear opinions of others or whether anyone has this setup working well and on what hardware.

Why not go with the orange pi you've already got?

Running several OpenVPN tunnels on an ER-X is going to push its CPU too much. That is asking a lot of the MT7621 dual core 880MHz MIPS CPU in the ER-X.

I would look for options with more CPU power. Maybe something like a NanoPi 4S, plus a smart switch.

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I am not familiar with IPTV, but can you have a single port device that creates all VPN tunnels you need and routes over the correct tunnel based on destination IP? I did use RPi4 for this purpose in the past but I was using only a single VPN tunnel to send all traffic from it. All my devices that need VPN used RPi4 as gateway (DHCP server setting).

There might be several solutions, but I'd set up 4 virtual IPs on the ethernet port, one for each VPN tunnel, then route the traffic through those IPs, based on which service's/tunnel's needed.

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Does it have to be openvpn or can you use wireguard instead?

Use Kodi -+IPTV-Addon on your Pi, and a flashed (DVB-C or DVB-S) receiver (Google: HDMU or openATV), the 800-900Mhz are roughly enough for 720px60 or 1080x25. You will not need more horse-power- I tested and used that setup years ago. For what do you need a VPN once you decrypted the TV-signal? You could run any cheap router with TOR, which is connected from your ISP's router to the receiver. The receiver uses CCam or OSCam, decrypts the signal, passes it on to your Kodi Pi. That Pi can just run without any VPN via your ISP router. I see no problem with that.


Just in case... absolutely only do this with international news broadcast programs or public broadcasters or alike. Do not use that with any commercial channels, even if they're FreeTV, that is illegal.