Hardware for outdoor robotic mesh network

Hello everyone,

I'm robotic engineer which is working in an outdoor robotic lab. We have several robots to connect together (rovers and drones) and I'm looking for a hardware configuration in order to create an outdoor mesh network.

I have two options in mind:

The first is to find a motherboard with a mPCIe slot where I can put a WLE900VX (802.11s compatible) WiFi card. I already found some references:

  • Compex WPJ558
  • Banana Pi BPI-R2
  • MikroTik RBM33G

The second one is to find a openwrt router with an integrated WiFi card (that allow the 802.11s mesh configuration) with good processing capabilities.

So, i'm looking for some hardware advice or opinions on those to options I have.

Thanking you in advance?