Hardware flow offloading/Hardware NAT?

What are the devices that support this important feature with LEDE as of now?
I get that it is certainly supported for MT7621 but I'm getting conflicting information about Atheros based routers from reading the posts here.
Can anyone help?

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AFAIK, hardware offload to the switch is not supported for QCA SoCs.

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What about Marvell-based routers like Linksys? On the page of Recommended Routers it is written "that they do linespeed NAT", so I get that they support Hardware NAT?!?

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While I can't comment on mvebu devices as I haven't tested them, x86_64/AMD64 devices can do "linespeed NAT" without a switch at all (mid-range ones with SQM at symmetric rates). Some have indicated that the mvebu devices has sufficient processor power to be able to achieve at least one-way, "gigabit" rates. Note that flow offload generally precludes use of SQM and hardware offload "always" does.

Edit: The Recommended Routers page you linked appears to be very out of date, though no fault of yours.

The best, concise summary of SoC information I know of is (ignore the thread title). Note that this was written before gigabit symmetric had started to penetrate the consumer market and "gigabit WAN" may refer to gigabit downstream only.


Thank you, these throughput tests are very useful ... esp the VPN ones as they deal quite a blow to throughput and the main use case I'm intending on.

As a note, more searching on this forum revealed that the MT7621 is the only chip supported for Hardware offloading in LEDE.
Qualcomm FastPath is supported on Atheros chipsets.

Qualcomm FastPath is not supported by OpenWrt at all. There are occassionally some users trying to make this patchset work on their devices, but it isn't part of OpenWrt and never will be.

Edit: Just for the avoidance of doubt, this doesn't preclude the possibility that OpenWrt may support hardware offloading on QCA platforms in the future (e.g. the dsa based qca8k switch driver already supports some hardware acceleration for AR8337N, likewise it's not impossible that NSS/ NPU support of ipq806x/ ipq807x may be implemented as a hardware flow-offloading infrastructure), just that QCA FastPath (which is functionally roughly equivalent to software flow-offloading) won't be (flow-offloading made it into mainline - and OpenWrt).

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I don't believe the mvebu devices have HW NAT offload, but the crypto unit is in play with NEON on openssl ( excluding mamba).

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Armada 38x does support HW NAT, but the code is only available under NDA.

Edit: Link https://www.marvell.com/company/news/pressDetail.do?releaseID=7316

Not sure about what is indicated by the sales propaganda, but the A38x functional / HW spec docs do not indicate anything I would interpret as a HW NAT offload unit. There are TCP / UDP units for IP4 and IP6 to be found, but no indication as to NAT being any part of what is supported. PDFs are on my google drive, a quick google led to dead links on marvell site?

It seems mvebu support HW-NAT. From the link provided above:

"ARMADA-385 is a proven SoC solution supporting dual core at 2GHz with multiple hardware offload engines accessed by the ADP solution"

"The ADP is feature-rich and optimized for Marvell’s Wi-Fi, switch and PHY solutions. It offers L2 bridging, Internet protocol version (IPv) 4 and 6 forwarding, Network Address Translation (NAT)"

Would it be possible to grey out or remove the associated checkbox in LuCI accordingly?


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Old dead thead but the idea has merit