Hardware button question?

I have followed the procedure here, and have successfully gotten my push buttons to trigger scripts on my router.


Where are the UCI events stored after running these commands?

uci add system button    
uci set system.@button[-1].button=BTN_1
uci set system.@button[-1].action=pressed
uci set system.@button[-1].handler='logger BTN_1 pressed'
uci commit system

umm ; i guess you'd want to checkout the syslog
via logread | grep BTN_1 or something

logger is the CLI util to log to syslog

Thanks commodo, I understand what you are saying. I do see those events when I run logread, but I was wondering where the actual commands are stored. I'd expect there to be a file somewhere that says BTN_1 = .

Shouldn't it be in /etc/config/system?

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oh ; so, config-wise, yep, it should be in /etc/config/system as @stangri said

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Thanks @stangri and @commodo! That is what I needed!