Handling Version Dependent Guides

I guess it's time to discuss handling of version dependent guides...

With the upcoming 'config-network-device' broad changes... we will be faced with many pages that contain config which is 19<~ || master@r167xx specific or below...

This requirement is not new but obviously this example is pretty large in scope...

I've always been a fan of moving "old-ish" config samples to the base of a page and adding some notes that it is likely only relevant for 'x' versions or may be out of date...


  • Broad search for an older config string ( ifname ) when 21.02 becomes stable and a few volunteers to add "info-box" and update the master list that the page has been handled
  • have a bot do the above?
  • something else? ( protocol for adding guides 'this guide is relevant to 'x' version when created in first place )?

Maybe not the most popular opinion, but considering that 19.07.x will fall out of (security-) support rather soon after 21.02.0, I'd personally be more of a proponent for a hard cut - document the current state, the past is done and dusted (yes, there will be a few months of overlap needed either way, but just in general (there's still the page history)).

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It would be good if we could "tag" page history versions too.
i.e. this revision was relevant at 19.07.
Very difficult to maintain automatically though.