Halp! Need admin to fix a typo in wiki folder name

I somehow fumble-fingered a folder name and created


with guild-user (where the f did that come from), when it should have been guide-user. Does some admin have the ability to just

mv guild-user/installation/sysupgrade.owut* guide-user/installation/

and then remove the empty folders? (I'll clean up the link, don't worry about that.)

(I sorta suspect there was some "error correction" going on here, as I merely cut and pasted an existing page link and created the page via the normal Dokuwiki process...)

Already fixed the original culprit:

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Or maybe just add the https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:move plugin and let users do this sort of thing themselves?

I've had that plugin on my local dokuwiki for like 3-4 years, and although I've only used it a couple of times, it's pretty handy when you do need it. The nicest part is that it fixes all the links to the page being moved without having to hunt them down by rgrepping all over /pages...

Ping @aparcar

Ok, I manually copied the contents to the new location and that appears to have done everything I needed. Problem solved.

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