Half the storage is gone after trying to update all

Hey there,

So recently I've installed OpenWrt on my Archer c50 v4, had a lot of storage left, then dumb me, clicked on update all, and due to the fact that new kernel is out already but in dev stage, OpenWrt did not install them due to dependencies. However, it took like 60% of my storage, and I don't know how to delete those update files.
Any idea? I'm already running low on storage now after SSL installations and few others like that.
Not sure if I want to do a clean install, as I had a lot of configs done already, and backup would restore the clutter too most likely..

Any help would be appreciated!

Updating all should not really be used, unless you know what you are doing, because it can and will break stuff. Now on to your problem.

When you upgrade packages, they aren't actually replaced. Rather, the original old package will remain on the read-only partition, and the upgraded package will be stored on the overlay. Hence each package will utilize twice the amount of space it would usually do.

The easiest way to fix this would be to backup your configuration (you can make a backup via Luci), as this will only backup configuration changes. It will NOT backup installed packages. Then reset the router to default OpenWRT settings (via Luci or via the firstboot command), install the packages that you want but are not available by default (resetting the router removes any packages that you installed, hence they need reinstalling), and then restore your backupped configuration.

If you really need an upgraded version of some package that is already installed by default, consider baking your own images with the latest versions included so you don't have to upgrade them. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

In order to replace the kernel you have to re-flash the whole OS. Use a "snapshot" build to get the latest kernel.

Most users should not do that. Stay with the latest release build and don't upgrade packages unless you absolutely need a new feature to run, or a security issue has been announced.


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