Hacking into QNAP QSW-1105-5T (2.5G Broadcom-based switch)


Does this model/series have full Luci access as the QNAP QSW-M1208-8C on port 8080?

Quote from the comment on Amazon:

If you connect to it out of the box, you get to set the root password, turn off the SSH port block and log in to the underlying linux OS.- From here, you can do anything * Install more software from the opkg repositories * Enable/Disable/Modify config params * Factory reset the unit / reboot, etc.-- all without knowing the admin set password on the documented web interface.

You can read the comment on Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/QNAP-QSW-M1208-8C-Managed-Switch-Gigabit/dp/B08JTZ79KT/

No. And I doubt it will ever have since it is based on Cortex M7 CPU which is more like the small microcontroller compared to A7 in M1208. The M1208 is sold as managed afterall.

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