Ha1000 staples connect(discontinued)

So i have a ha1000 that i tried to exploit do to the fact that it was discontinued and had no idea at the time i purchased off ebay(my mistake i suppose). i tried following this:

but now i have two orange lights that are solid whenever i give it juice. Anyone have or done this before with this particular device?

So it recommended using shutdown instead of reboot.

Did you try that?

i havent even got it to drop into a shell, i think im having an issue with how to wire it to a serial adapter or where to connect the two wires for communicating over rx tx. i have a usb jtag i probably need to just solder the wires to the board then connect it to 2 of the jtag pins in order to get a shell prompt. am i going at this the right way? im pretty new with working on electronics so yeah thats probably what i need help with. Also maybe its possible to put openwrt on it? idk....

It's a Linksys device, and it's not supported in OpenWrt/LEDE.

well it isnt supported yet right? i mean if someone wanted to take on the project it could be possible no? anyways so you dont know about jtag and accessing a shell via pinouts? cuz this isnt helping.

Doubt there would be much interest in doing firmware for a discontinued device.

I know about JTAG and pinouts, but it's different on each device. You'll just have to look for it.


You might get more traction on the Linksys forums.

yup already been there, nothing.

i even went on exploitee.rs, still nothing lol oh well, just have to get a z stick or something damn it