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Hi there,

I would like to compile a new package for my router:

This is the server for the already existing taskwarrior package in OpenWrt. I checked its buildfiles and compared with the tutorial on the webpage but I don't really know how to make it work to be honest. From the taskwarrior package it does not seem to be complicated though but it seems like I don't have enough experience with this.

Can someone help me? Much appreciated.

I'm by far, not the most experienced person on this forum in building packages for OpenWrt, but I've slightly modified the https-dns-proxy makefile and was able to build the taskserver binaries with no problem. It does require about 1Mb of dependencies to install on a router tho.

To make it a proper OpenWrt package, it will most likely need an init script which would parse the /etc/config/taskd and start the taskd with the proper parameters.

The Makefile I've used is available here:

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Hi stangri,
I fiddled a bit and it worked indeed. One observation I had was that the shell scripts assume bash, but they work with ash as well.

I have a weird observation though, after generating the 'wrong' certificates with certtool once I was not able to generate private certificates anymore and did not figure out what went wrong - reinstallation etc also failed. But I suspect this is not related so I remark this as solved :blush:

How did you figure out what openwrt packages you'd need for the makefile?

There were some dependencies listed in either the README or upstream makefiles. I think I missed one, so when compiler complained, I added it too.

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