Guidance Required for Grouping / Aliases of LAN Zone

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Is someone able to guide me to documentation that shows how to create groups / Aliases under OpenWRT. So we have the LAN zone all well and good - now I would like to divide that up into segments. Is that possible?

AdminPC - Allow All Out
Workstations - Allow HTTP/HTTPS only
IoT Devices - Allow Access to specific external IP.

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It's probably easier to configure separate networks.


As in separate VLANS or zones?
All my systems live on the same subnet (lan). just wanted a way to group them for different internet access... or is this tricky to do with OpenWRT. Been using opnsense for quite some time and am new to this OpenWRT.
I seem to struggle with the simplest things like getting wireless WLAN to forward to the internet :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly.

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