Guest WLAN allow ssh connection to router


I'm trying to create a guest wifi that user only can use to see http/https pages. For example, the guest's users shouldn't be able to connect to openwert router by ssh, also they shouldn't be able to see the LuCI Web Interface.

I have create my guest wifi following but when I check it I can connect to openwert router by ssh, and also see LuCI Web Interface.

How can fix it? (by command line if it is possible)


Post your config files:

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You have a few options. You can configure a firewall rule as shown on the page you mentioned. You can configure your SSH server to listen on LAN only.

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References to look at:
In the first you can set dropbear (small server and client ssh); in the second you can set uhttpd (server http/s that manages connection to LuCI).

Finally, the real problem is nodogsplash show I have to open a new thread with the correct question:

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