Guest wifi without WAN interface

Hello all,

it seems iam a little off.

My intention is to create an Guest Wifi on my Dump Accespoint running Openwrt.

Der is no WAN interface just a LAN.

This how to seems to old because the option are not the same as i see them in my openwrt version.

The basic idea was from my side to create a second Wifi SSID. and just let the firewall drop all traffic which does not go via port 80. So people have internet access but nothing else.

Especially wrt to the linked guide, the "device" selection in the interface selection is nowhere to be found in the guide.

can somebody tell me what are the differences wrt to the guide?

By default, most OpenWrt devices have a LAN and WAN by default. What is the make/model of your device?


Nope, not old.

What issues are you having?

Can you show a screenshot of what you're referring to?

What does the phrase "wrt to the guide" mean?

Which basically nothing, nowdays that all sites work with https, let alone not allowing dhcp, dns.

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