Guest Wifi over LAN to Router


i hope i can explain my problem correct.

I have a Router (Speedport Smart 4) and 3 Mesh Repeater running. All connected over LAN with the Router.

Now i have an OpwnWRT Wifi AP. I want to connect it via LAN to the Router and want to create a guest wifi in this openWRT AP. But this Guest WIFI should have no access to the private LAN devices, only to the internet and if possibla its own DHCP with different IP adresses.

Ist this possible ?

I have my doubt and i am not sure if it possible at all.

Wirless Guest client <-> OpenWRT AP Guest Wifi <-> LAN <-> Speedport Smart 4 <-> Internet

Access Internet but not LAN Devices (like NAS, Smart Home, etc....)

Thanks in advance.

run it as router (create a wan port if needed), but block lan subnet for outgoing traffic in the firewall ...


I guess the video would assume OPs router is VLAN capable ?

yes vlan support

I have a passion for vlans, they solve many problems for me, however your solution also works but only on the openwrt router, it seems to me that having a mesh is the best strategy (and of course high learning curve) they solve the problems later.

only if the devices involved are VLAN capable :wink:

we only know of one device running openwrt, and it's the guest lan/wifi unit, everything else is
pure speculation.

(unfortunately subbed in portuguese (?) )

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yes I assumed vlan compatible, however from what I know the openwrt router is already vlan compatible, it remains to check if the mesh nodes are compatible.

the guest wifi as per your solution, would be a solution, only within range of its wifi

Thanks for the fast reply’s.

The mesh I use is my private WiFi.

So the guest wifi would consist out of only one AP.

I will try the solution from @frollic

Thank you very much.

I hope I get this achieved as I am new to openwrt. :wink: