Guest wi-fi on a dumb AP


I have a TP-Link WR740N and I configured it successfully as a dumb AP, works ok with cable and wi-fi.

I would like to add a new wi-fi interface (new ssid) for guests. They will be isolated from other users and lease time is 60 minutes.

I can't figure out how to configure this, since DHCP is being handled by main router, not this one.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or guide/s that will help me?

Thanks in advance!

Theoretically, you could try using VLANs and have the (dedicated?) port feeding the AP as tagged port. This should give you two different subnets on the AP. Not sure how to tell the AP about this but it's probably just a matter of pointing each SSID to the correct VLAN. Haven't tried it, though :slight_smile:

Perhaps this thread will be helpful: Trunking over wireless?

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I've been locally NATting guests into the LAN. They only need Internet service so double NAT is not a problem. Set up firewall rules to block them from all of your private IPs.