Guest Networks and VLANs HELP!

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I hope someone may be able to help me or at least help me on my way as I'm a networking novice. My rather convoluted setup is as follows: the main router is a Linksys WRT router running openwrt. I then have a Linksys Velop in bridge mode essentially just acting as access points. Then I also have a single Ubiquiti Unifi access point. My goal is to have a guest network configured on all these access points with one ssid and password which is separated from the main Lan. Currently I have managed to set up a WLAN guest network on the main openwrt router using the following guide:
The velop guest network just seems to work without any configuration on the openwrt router (Linksys say it uses vlan ID 3). I am therefore looking to make a guest network on the unifi ap and have given the guest network a VLAN ID. However, I am really struggling to understand how to configure the openwrt router in order to facilitate the guest network on the unifi ap. Many thanks in advance if anyone is able to help.

I have a similar setup with an OpenWRT router and a couple UniFi access points with a guest network via VLANs.

You have to send out the VLANs tagged (sends its VLAN ID with the Ethernetframe) from your OpenWRT router to the APs.


On the APs you have to assign the VLAN to the according WiFi.

(in my case LAN does not use the VLAN ID, but the gues network does)


Many thanks for this. I had managed to figure this out yesterday but this has confirmed to me I have done it right - many thanks for your help.

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