Guest AP only on Dumb AP Router, everything else managed by main router

Hello, so I followed the guide to create a guest wifi on my main router (Core, with the default IP address on but as I noticed it doesn't support a separate 160Mhz vs 80Mhz channel split (Main wifi uses 160 while guest uses 80). So I want to move the guest AP onto a second device. Is there a simple way to do it without needing an entire new setup or is that not possible?

is this 2nd device also running private wifi/LAN, or is it dedicated for guests ?

Dedicated for guests, currently Router 1 does both but I want the guest APs to come off of Router 2 only

Assuming it's a wired conection between those two,

Simply run the guest router device as a normal router connected LAN port <> WAN port, with an extra fw rule disallowing access to the main router's LAN subnet.

Make sure the guest devices LAN subnet isn't the same as the LAN subnet for the main router.

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So then can I get rid of the guest interface stuff that I already put on my main router and let the second router run its own DHCP server? Does that still allow for IPv6 to be provisioned?

Yes, it's like the 1st router never existed, except for the extra fw rule.

No idea about the ipv6, sorry.

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Yeah, it seems to just completely block devices from getting an IPv6 address

there's probably a way around it, but I won't be able to help you :frowning:
I suggest you create a new thread.

Hmm, is there a way to run the 2nd router as a dumb ap and just use it to broadcast and everything else is managed by the main router. the only issue I have rn is the inability to use different frequencies for my APs which I want.

Sure, it should be, but then you need to figure out how to separate the traffic (VLAN?), since a dumb AP doesn't have any firewall.

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Create the guest network on the main router, without associating any wireless interface to it, and d dictate one of the porta on the router to that network.

The secondary router is now just a dumb access point, and all the work about IPv6 is carried by the main router.

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Ok, I did manage to get that to work, but it seems clients can't use the wireless APs on the dumb router, it always comes back with wifi password incorrect. Wired clients can get IPs from the main router