Guest accounts on Dumb APs with VLAN filtering

Hopefully I'm in the right place to ask this question. I'm new to OpenWRT but have been a DD-WRT user for 20 some years. So far, it seems to be the right solution to one of my issues with current DD-WRT, I'm still working on the 2nd. I'm still trying to grasp the Luci in regards to config... especially devices/interfaces

My primary router is pfSense on a Netgate appliance. I have a long house/garage strung out across a mountain side, 4 dumb APs (WRT3200ACM). All the WAPs are setup with back-haul connections to the primary router. With some help here, a bit of digging and a video or two I have the primary access via dumb APs with fast switching working extremely well. So now I'm trying to setup a Guest network using VLAN IDs and VLAN filtering on the Guest network. I'm fairly certain I have the Guest network configured/working correctly on pfSense and the back-haul connection as I borrowed a UniFy AP (much easier config, for me) and was able to get wireless devices working on the Guest network and pulling configured DHCP addresses for the Guest network. I did read and even built a backup dumb AP with the "Guest Wi-FI" and "Guest Wi-Fi on a dumb wireless AP" sections on the website. But those configs weren't using VLAN IDs. I'm missing something. It's not clicking.

As mentioned, no router/firewall/DHCP functions on the WAPs. WAN/WAN6 were deleted. Guest wireless interface put on the 2.4Ghz band (radio1 on WRT3200ACM), purely for range considerations.

Has anyone got this or a similar configuration working? Is there a white paper on using this or a similar configuration? Is there a setup page I missed in my searching? A good video on the subject?

Anyway, so far, I'm happy with OpenWRT, and I'm sure I'll get this working, just not there yet. Thanks in Advance for any help!

Honestly, I got it wrong also.. Some fine community member saw the error in my ways and got you placed in the right zone.

I've got less experience than you in vlan ,so I doing some reading.

Thanks Bill, I pecked out that post on my iPad sitting in a doctor's office. Completely missed that category when I posted. My Bad. Added it to Config section. Will delete this one after I say thanks.