GSSAPI support in Dovecot package


When GSSAPI support is enabled in Dovecot package, there is some error when it is configured.

checking for krb5-config... NO
configure: error: Can't build with GSSAPI support: krb5-config not found

I have selected packages of krb5-client, krb5-server and krb5-lib in menu config. Is there anyone that knows how to solve it?

Thanks at first.

I have checked and and done objdump -t. There is no function auth_userokay() in these libs, so there is a failure in config process. Who knows what is wrong with krb5?

Thank you very much.

maybe is after openssl 1.1.1 upgrade, I'll try to see about it

I have upgrade dovecot version from 2.3.4 to I aslo have enabled the feature GASSPI support for dovecot. Now it can be compiled without error.

I have checked the config log again. It can pass the configuration without krb5 support, like old version of dovecote.
configure:24598: result: no
configure:24626: checking for krb5-config
configure:24654: result: NO
configure:24914: error: Can't build with GSSAPI support: krb5-config not found

In old version, it exits from configuration with error. This new version can continue. so I can't confirm that GSSAPI can be supported in dovecot package.

I have upgraded the version of openssl to 1.1.1b because we want to support mips-r6.

thank you very much.