GRUB menuentry for OpenWrt [solved]

I've copied OpenWrt to a partition on a hard disk, but can't figure out the correct GRUB menuentry to boot up correctly. That is, it starts up and a screenful of msgs wizz pass which end with...

Rebooting in 1 second.

Is there any way to get this saved anywhere so I can see what is missing?

It may be that I have the UUID wrong. If so can I just specify 'root=hd0,gpt7' or somesuch?


This might be useful

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How do I get the correct PARTUUID?

Should 'file -s /dev/sda7' provide this?

you can replace it with root=/dev/sda7 or use blkid /dev/sda7

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Many thanks root=/dev/sda7 worked fine.

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