Grouping the view in the new LuCI

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I have uploaded a 20-linksys.htm file to "/usr/lib/lua/luci/view/admin_status/index/" which displays the temperatures in my WRT1200AC. What should I change in this new LuCI so that the panel with temperatures appears between the "Memory" section and "Network" not at the bottom of the page?



Ingenious! Where did you copy it from? What build are you using?

Hi h8red
Files were created on the forum
I put them on github
I am using LuCI Master (git-20.012.73672-9b66f7a) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11988-0e05093.

If you are using master then I think that you need to convert them to client side implementation since they will have priority to the htm files.

The master version or 19.07 doesn't matter. I'm not a programmer and at the moment "new LuCI" is "black magic" for me.

Earlier it was enough that:

  • in 18.06 I added code to the index file
  • in the first releases of 19.07 the way was the file with the added index "20-"

Currently, I do not know the principle of "writing content" so I can do nothing myself.