Grateful for some newbie help here


I want to make a router able to connect to VPN service, like iVPN or Air or ExpressVPN.

I bought an Edgerouter 10x a few years ago, never got round to setting it up (fear of the unknown :D) but now need to. I see the Edgerouter X listed in the table, so i THINK it can do it, but I am not sure. I also have no idea how to go about it. Are there any beginner's guides for someone who isn't a network expert?


Looks like this provider has a user guide to setup openvpn on openwrt.

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There was some development work for Edgerouter 10x but it never reached status of a supported model. You will need different hardware.

Thanks for the reply. That's confusing as I found this - - it says it has been flashed with OpenWRT?!
I know it's the 5 port and mine is 10, but they are identical otherwise (as far as I am told anyway).

The 10 port has the same CPU, but there are significant other differences inside. The Edgerouter-X with 5 ports is completely supported.

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Ah ok. thanks