GPS for router station pro

Hi, I just got a second hand router station pro. After some days of try and error the system is running but there is a GPS device connected to the board. How do i get time and position from the GPS?
Thaks! Marcus

Do you know how that GPS is connected? I'm guessing it's a mini pci slot based card? I have a RouterStation Pro as well, but mine doesn't have a GPS in it, so I don't have any experience bringing up a GPS in general, as well as specifically on that device.

But... this may be useful as a starting point:

Hi, it is connected to the board.

I think that is a serial connection. So you don’t need the usb driver or anything like that. But u think the link I gave you earlier probably has most of the things you need, except for the specific communication method with the gps module.

Hi, yes, I also think its serial. Originally the GPS signal came somehow via the LAN port to the computer. No idea…

Hi, just read: it is an USB connector on the board. Think I have to install USB driver first and see what is happening.

If the module is connected over USB then you need to check with cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
What s pictured above is probably a WiFi module. So if you believe you have a GPS module installed it will be good to show it :wink:

That port is 3.3 volt serial. I think the AR7161 chip has only one hardware UART, so it is going to be somehow shared with the DB9 connector. Also by default OpenWrt runs a console login shell on the first (or only) serial port, so you'll need to disable that to use it for GPS.

This doesn't look like a good way to connect a GPS receiver. 3.3 volt serial is not intended to travel over long wires. Considering that USB is available on the board you may want to rework this to use USB.

Hi, oh, yes, its just 3.3V. The GPS is connected via 2m cable.
Will make a picture tomorrow…

AndrewZ, yes, I still think that this is GPS. Attached you will see the connector and the item which I identified as GPS.