Google Wifi Mesh through Bridge Mode?

Hi everyone

My current setup is Modem -> HP620Plus running baremetal PFsense (with 4-port Intel NIC)->Managed Switch-> Google Wifi in bridge mode. (Google wifi is 1st gen 2016 hardware)

I live in a 3 story townhouse with very few drop points (1 on each floor, in terrible locations) and don't have approval from the wife to run cable anywhere as we plan on moving in a few years.

Since adding the PFsense box to the mix, it's forced me to move my (small) homelab to the main floor (from the basement) as with stock firmware, mesh is unavailable in bridge mode.

I just discovered this forum from a random desperate web search and was excited to see my hardware is supported.. I actually have 5 total pucks, so I would love to get them all up and running again and relegate my homelab back to the basement..

My TL;DR is the following: is mesh supported in bridge mode with the OpenWRT firmware? The page for the build mentions that mesh is still possible but makes no mention of it as related to operating in bridge

Mesh supports bridge mode.

Got four here I'm working through just matching up the original features and making uses of that 4gb flash storage.

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Thanks! I assume that mesh supports bridge mode = bride mode supports mesh? =)

What did you mean by the other potion of your comment? I don't fully understand about "matching up the original features"?

I have a few Google Wifi devices in my home setup running in a mesh config. It now runs stable, but is was quite a struggle to make it work. It turns out that I had everything configured the right way, but that the ath10k-ct drivers do not properly work with mesh. When I switched to the regular ath10k version it started working at first reboot.

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