Google screencasting not working

i have observed i cannot discover any devices to screencast on android phone nor android.
chrome casting also not working

how to enable

kingju, you've been around long enough to orient questions correctly.

  • OpenWrt is not a dependency.
  • This is not the Google Play Store.
  • Search the Smart device's manual for tech specs, or it's FAQ page.

screencasting is not working due to openwrt. if i use the stock firmware for tplink archer c7 v5 everything works fine
this has nothing to do with play store

Then you need to provide useful information, not a simple it doesn't work.

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You know, "useful information" is something that still needs to be defined :slight_smile: because right now it is in the "unknown unknown" category. Let's move it from there.

Let's start with the basics:

  • Which software, or which Android features, are used for screencasting? Specify everything that you tried on the sender side.
  • What have you tried as a receiver?
  • Is WiFi P2P mentioned anywhere in the configuration?
  • Do 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network have the same name in your OpenWRT setup? Is the same true with the stock firmware?
  • Where in the network (WiFi, VPN, wired LAN, whatever else) are the sender and the receiver?
  • In the working configuration with the stock firmware, which WiFi band is used?

@frollic please add more questions if you want.

guess what in default openwrt configuration screencasting dont work. there is no questionnaire for the same. if you have a question ask rather than making statements

android 12
android tv
did not get you
same issue with 2.4 and 5ghz
wifi and wired lan
stock firmware 2.4g and 5ghz

Thanks for the answers.

Can you make a screenshot of the Android 12 screen where you are trying to set up the screencast, and explain how to get to it?

Can you make a screenshot of the error, both from the Android 12 and from the TV - so that we know what it looks like?

Also two of the questions were not answered.

"Is WiFi P2P mentioned anywhere in the configuration?" - It's OK that you didn't understand the question, that's why I ask for the screenshot of the setup.

"Do 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network have the same name in your OpenWRT setup? Is the same true with the stock firmware?" - the answer "same issue with 2.4 and 5ghz" is to a different question.

What I mean is: on some routers, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks by default have different names and so cannot be confused. OpenWRT by default configures the same disabled "OpenWRT" network. If you enable it on both bands, you will end up with a network that exists on both bands under the same name, which generally works for most use cases, but is a problem for some WiFi-P2P setups. Could we eliminate this - either by confirming that these two networks are named differently both in OpenWRT and in the stock firmware, or that only one of the bands is enabled, or that they have exactly the same name in the stock firmware and still work? Regardless, what happens if you completely disable the 5 GHz network?