Google OnHub TP-Link


My son came to me with two TP-Link that google would not support anymore. I searched and found the recipe of putting OpenWrt on it and it went through with no hiccups. Now this device has better antenna (3x3), more RAM (1GB) and more flash (4GB) than anything I have running.

I also added script to offer wifi upon boot. None of my laptops have ethernet anymore:

# WiFi password (at least 8 characters)
# WiFi name

wifi_enable_device() {
  local cfg="$1"
  uci set wireless.$cfg.disabled='0'

wifi_setup_interface() {
  local cfg="$1"
  uci set wireless.$cfg.ssid="$ssid"
  uci set wireless.$cfg.key="$key"
  uci set wireless.$cfg.encryption="psk2"

config_load wireless
config_foreach wifi_enable_device wifi-device
config_foreach wifi_setup_interface wifi-iface
uci commit wireless

I wish I could play with Home Assistant on this, with so much RAM and Space! Does anyone know how the Zigbee implementation can be exploited? I heard that it is already baked into the hardware.