Good Travelhome Router OpenWrt

Hello, what would be a good router for "on the road" in a Travelhome. Energy efficent, wireguard capability, wifi and lan connection, optional 2nd wifi to connect to external wifi instead of using 4g/5g
Thanks for advice, so far i had GL.iNet GL-X750 (Spitz) Version 2 in mind but not sure if there are better ones?

Maybe even with backup internal powerbank kind of

Maybe a PC Engines APU.
You can have three Wifi or LTE cards in it. it also has 2x USB and 2-4 LAN ports with real Intel NICs
Internal SATA connector. Quite low power consumption, 6-10W I think. Very good (full gigabit) Wireguard speeds.
Or a Teltonika ready-made solution (not pure OpenWRT but it is a closed source fork of it).
You can buy a 12V 18650-li ion battery based UPS from Ebay to power it.

I used Gl.iNet travel routers for a number of years, still have them but don't travel, so...

I also have run the PC-Engines APU which is a great home router.

I have the original Gl.iNet MIFI\Puli? (among others), which is an older version of the Spitz with battery. The Spitz has an IOT gateway module available (read that as not installed, less clear how to order it). Look at the Mudi for best battery and wifi, but I do not think IOT Gateway.

Make sure to check the Ethernet spec, some are still 100Mbps, though that's probably fine in a camper with 4\5G service.

I would stick with the GL.iNet 5V and\or battery to minimize power consumption and space, though you can run the APU on 12V. I think you will get better support from Gl.iNet too, which may be important, especilay for 4g\5g modules.

Gl.iNet has an feature (i'm rusty here) in the GUI to let you control source. I think you should be able to configure say an internal\USB modem and also your phone and then select them from the menu. check out the help\tutorials.

If you go with a battery in the middle, make sure it has some overcharge protection. Amazon has a 12V input UPS, i expect there are others.

I have contemplated this and probably go with the Mudi. FWIW, you can buy the Gl.iNet AR300m or MT300 for ~$30 to test. With the above UPS, bridged to your phone for internet might work.

Big fan,yes!

I've just put Travelmate on an old BT hub 5. Modified it by putting an external patch antenna on for 2.4Ghz so can get better farfield pattern. Had been using a Gl.iNet which is very small but in hotel recently it had poor reception.