Good signal, poor TX rate Litebeam AC Gen2

I have a Litebeam connecting to a Mikrotik sector. Signal strength is good, but TX rate is just 6.5 Mbit/s with RX 500Mbit/s and up.


What can I do to fix this ? Mikrotik sees signal strength as -59 dBm, TX rate as 520mbps and RX also as 6.5mbps which makes sense , but why the 6.5mbps?

Any suggestions here ? I'm running OpenWrt 23.05.3 r23809-234f1a2efa / LuCI openwrt-23.05 branch git-24.073.29889-cd7e519 What am I doing wrong here?

Just transfer some data?

It is slow with speeds of less than 0.50mbps on upload when doing a speed test with On the other side of the connection where the gateway is I get 20mbps upload speeds.

MCS0 ususally is set by powersaving for easy spinup when traffic starts.
Try something like (set all editable params to 30) or or
To have such effect radiowise you need to have path between routers via ventilation duct or old fridge

I will try that , although I do not have this issue with Mikrotik. I have seen the RX rate on the Litebeam with OpenWRT go up with usage , but not so much the TX rate which is worrying. Also ,'s download rate is good behind the LiteBeam , but not upload.

Have a look at this on the Mikrotik side. The top one is the OpenWRT connection. Things don't look right to me there

What else can I try here ?

-85dBm is very weak

You are looking at the wrong value. Look at the top one: -59 dBm. That is the connection that has the problem.

10dbm signal fluctuaion means adjustment problem

"10dbm signal fluctuaion means adjustment problem"

How can this then be fixed ?

Compass and screwdriver?

How can it be alignment when the signal strength is good ?