Good router for SQM QoS and possible VPN

Hi, is there a list of know router and what speed they could support or should I say at what speed they cap when you have Smart Queue Management SQM QoS enable.
And if you use them as a VPN router.

I been considering the Turris Omnia, Edgerouter 12, Zyxel Armor Z2.

US market, I have 100mb cable, but would upgrade to 400Mb or 1Gb fiber in about 4-6 months.
I say budget top $350-400.

Thank you.

You budget seems realistic for "gigabit speeds" with more than just NAT in play.

My recent testing indicates that even a desktop-class x86_64 with AES-NI can't handle more than ~500 Mbps for OpenVPN. It will, however handle the ~900 Mbps throughput limit of WireGuard over GigE. This is without SQM. I have not yet examined SQM performance alone, or in conjunction with a VPN.

I don't have any mvebu-based units that I can similarly test. It doesn't look like the Edgerouter 12 is supported by OpenWrt at this time.

I don't know about the CPU performance of the IPQ806x as I don't own one of those either. My gut feeling is that it isn't up to passing a gigabit (or two, if symmetric) through the main CPU. While I have read that it has network-acceleration cores, I don't know the status of their drivers. See further IPQ806x NSS Drivers

For recent discussion of gigabit-speed processing, see the linked post and following


Correct, ipq806x isn't up to routing/ NAT beyond ~400-450 MBit/s (without SQM; you might hit up to ~650 MBit/s in synthetic benchmarking, but not in practice) without the help of its NSS/ NPU cores - which aren't available for OpenWrt, yet (and may never be).

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Would the budget have to go up?

What you guy know that would perform pretty good maybe if it handles only about 800Mb on a 1Gb connection.


The budget is fine. Just go for a x86 with AES-NI solution with those requirements :slight_smile:

Qotom is a budget friendly beast but Protectli has great hardware also and AES, just pricier.