Gobi_loader for Qualcomm gobi 2000


First post here.
I own 2 devices running OpenWrt 14.7 ( Mediatek MT7620A) and 18.0.6 ( Qualcomm QCA9531 SoC @ 650MHz). Recently I stumbled upon a Qualcomm gobi 2000 (an old 3g modem) and decided to try it with one of my routers.
I installed it in a USB enclosure and was able to make it work on Windows (Lenovo Thinkpad) without any issues. In other words I am aware of necessity to load the firmware into device every time after the modem was powered on.
But I cannot find gobi_loader package for any of the aforementioned OpenWrt builds/target. It is available in a form of source files though.
So my question is if someone knows anything about existence of the precompiled gobi_loader for the aforementioned platforms or the only way to proceed is to build it by myself (OpenWrt x86-64 installed in Vmware, cross compilation) ?

Can you actually identify the devices?

Your description IDs 3 CPUs, so maybe the make/models will provide clarity.

Not listed in the Package Table. Have you read the Wiki on how to use 3G devices?

I don't recall bout installing anything like this:


I advise upgrading.

Not sure why quoting does not work but anyway.

  1. I mentioned 2 devices / 2 CPU because this is what defines the target architectures, the rest is hardly relevant in this situation.
  2. I don't plan to upgrade any of the aforementioned devices just for the sake of upgrade - as I understand the aforementioned package does not exist for the required architecture even in the latest release of OpenWrt.
  3. sure I read OpenWrt wiki, I have not problem with using a different LTE modem (Sierra Wireless) but Qualcomm gobi 2000/1000 is a totally different beast, it requires loading firmware on the fly after each power cycle. I know enough about it since before I tried to use it with OpenWrt, I made sure that it works ok on Windows (looks like I am just repeating that I said in the first post)

I read about couple of people who in the past were able to make it work with a custom build of gobi_loader and it would be great to hear from them or anybody else having relevant experience.

Qualcomm gobi 2000 is a pretty old device and I am trying to use its mostly out of curiosity - performance wise it is not worth it.

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