Go from 12.09 AA to 18.06.2

Hi there,
I still have a AtitudeAdjustment Version on the device and will finally bring it up to date. The configurations are not needed any more.
Question: Do I have to use the " ... factory.bin" or the "...sysupgrade.bin" to do so?

First you should check to see if your device is still supported -- AA is VERY VERY old and devices running that version are likely not supported by the latest OpenWrt... see the warning here

That said, you'd normally use the sysupgrade file, but I'm not sure if it will work properly from such an old version. It will probably be safer to upgrade in stages... maybe Chaos Calmer as a middle stop.

And assuming that your device is supported and the upgrades are possible, it is highly recommended that you reset to defaults and do not try to use the config files from AA -- they're so old that they may be incompatible and cause you more headaches than it is worth.

If your device is not compatible, you can buy new (or used) routers that are supported for ~US@25 or so, and that will likely be well worth the upgrade in terms of performance, as well.

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Wouldn't it probably be safer to revert to stock then flash factory?

Which device are we talking about?

TP-Link TL-WDR4300

There is no problem with 18.06.2 (or newer) on the tl-wdr4300; you do need to use the sysupgrade image (without keeping settings).


The only safe upgrade path is to flash the sysupgrade binary while wiping settings. There's no point in doing a gradual upgrade from 12.09; it's too old for that. Sysupgrade just replaces your old firmware image with a new one, either way. Everything but the settings is read-only, and you shouldn't be keeping settings when upgrading and skipping multiple releases.


sysupgrade work fine now. Thanks all for the help.

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