GNS3 QEMU OpenWrt still not working?

I have tryed Mikrotik on GNS3 and it works perfectly fine.
Downloaded img few clicks and all works
But it seems like there is no img for QUEMU but only for Vbox with some additional steps
Ive tryed but it didnt work
some versions didnt start at all some just stuck in the midle of booting
So what shood i do

There's only one x68_64 target, I'm not unsure what "versions" you're referencing a.) OpenWrt versions; or b.) pre-made hypervisor images on the GNS3 site.

Try official OpenWrt. Also see the official Wiki on virtuallization:

:spiral_notepad: You will have to convert the image into the format compatible with your hypervisor.

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evrything works when i choose virtio mode for img

also u need to know that only Ethernet0 attachet for br(

also i choose console none
also i notice first time it boots longer about 3 minutes till ping is redy

and interfaces arent VLAN but real eth1 eth2 etc

Correct, glad ypu got it working!

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