Globalscale Sheevaplug

Is there a chance to get latest OpenWRT running on a Global Scale Sheevaplug?

The only thing I could find was the following post:

The author describes the steps for Barrier Braker. Was the support for SheevaPlug dropped?. At least I'm not able to find the SheevaPlug Reference Board in make kernel_menuconfig. What would I need to choose instead?

Yes, see;a=commit;h=0ebdf0c1d34a80ae4d4c7382d49bca3a7c636284

what a pitty. Would it be complicated for a beginner to do a custom build?

I've got a sheevaplug as well and would like to run OpenWrt on it. The mini usb port is both a jtag and serial connection which makes it easy to recover the device if something goes wrong. The bootloader (uboot) is available from Debian and a .dts file describing the device hardware already exists within mainline linux. So in theory it should be straightforward but I've never ported OpenWrt and I'm not a programmer.

Isn't it the same arch as the Seagate dockstar and Pogoplug series 4?

yes it is kirkwood so ported is probably not the correct wording. I guess it is just a new device that needs to be added.

Follow the guide, but who knows if the outcome will be a bootable image.

Upgrading u-boot is probably a must.

You may also find additional info at

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