Globalscale Mochabin 5G - NVME not fitting?


maybe someday having the same problem. I have tried to insert a Western Digital NVME into the m2280 Port of the Mochabin router. Unfortunately, the NVME won't fit at least, not without being "brutal", which I haven't tried.

Does somebody experience the same problem?

According to the commit that added support for this device, it has a B-key M.2 socket that supports only SATA. So an NVMe SSD won't work (and it also doesn't fit in the slot because it has an M-key connector).

Thanks for clearing on this.

I don't know how your WD card actually interfaces, but there are B to M adapters that will work with some devices:

The Mochabin's slot is SATA3 only. Some WD cards (I don't see the model on yours because it's face down) will work with SATA3. If that's the case, then the above adapter should work for you.

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