Glinet MT2500 with a last snaphot build

Hello, someone tried last snapshot for this router. Is it possible to install and work?
Because I tried a few months ago and got dead router and was get him back in recovery only

they are regenerated every 24h, what worked yesterday, doesn't have to work today.

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Is it any idea, why was not in last stable builds?

it was probably added after the current stable was forked.
it'll be in next stable, unless someone did a back port of the commit to 23.05, then it'll be in the next minor release.


Ah, ok hope will get stable soon.

But next stable should be in this month or next , what do you think?

no, it's probably further away, might even slip into 2025, because it was decided to move from kernel 6.1 to 6.6.

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Oh, thank's

I'm also waiting for it :grin: