GLiNet AR750 - problem with storage


I have this router because of vpn and apps applications but I realize that the amount of internal flash memory (16 mb) are not enough for these goals.

I read in lots of pages that's exists the possibility of extend the storage using a SD card formated as ext4. I have tried it but it didn't work. I am a windows user so I would need your support to understand how can do it.

Thanks a lot

Are you running the OpenWrt or GL iNet firmware on your AR750? They are not the same. If you are using the GL iNet firmware, they add a lot of bloat, so just going to the 19.07.7 OpenWrt firmware may give you enough free space to add in any packages you need in 16MB. If not, there is a nice page at:

That explains how to make a ext4 based extroot on a USB or SD card. The SD card on the AR750 is only read at startup, so it is best to plug in the SD card first, then plug in the power to your router.

Thank you Eric for your answer.

I am using latest official GLiNet firmware.

I will try the option of extroot just because I don't feel comfortable using an alternative one. I am new in this kind of software solutions.

Will keep here posted on how it is going

Updated: I have seen the guide and looks like Chinese for me.... Where can I find a fool proof guide to follow?
At the end of the guide I found this openwrt-auto-extroot but I don't know how to make it work.