Glinet ar150m, sigfault when enabling ap

this is the dmesg result

do_page_fault(): sending SIGSEGV to pineapd for invalid read access from 0000005c
[ 515.263461] epc = 770088a1 in[77000000+2b000]
[ 515.268826] ra = 004053f8 in pineapd[400000+e000]

Please more info!

Downloaded or self build...?


I agree with @juppin

Ummmm...this software (from my recollection) is used to monitor an access point in promiscuous or monitor mode...and is not installed in OpenWrt by default.

What happened when running a normal access point, without this software?

sure its a self build of version 17. pineapd is used to create an access point. If you need anymore debug information im happy to provide it if you can let me know what the process is for collecting that data.

It appears to do more than addition, this software doesn't appear to be included in the repositories. Also, that is not the default software used to setup APs in OpenWrt.

  • Perhaps, you would be better to tell us where the logs are???
  • Does pineapd have a support forum (your question may be answered there more quickly)?

im getting that from dmesg that seems to be the only log. If it can be helpful i can grab the whole log

I'm not sure you quite answered the question...

  • Since you compiled the code, shouldn't you know where the logs or logging options are???
  • How would this community know about a software not in the distro?
  • Shouldn't you ask the creator of the software?

Out of my own curiosity...are you doing this for commercial purposes?

not at all. This is just a project that im doing for fun. This is a reverse engineered version of the wifipineapple. It was supposed to just work. The wifi pineapple software is getting compiled in with the openwrt to provide additional functions.
For some reason, as is often the case when i do projects, its not working. Pineapd is the deamon for pineap it seems. The actual ap does exist and you can connect to it but it wont go into scanning mode that seems to be the problem.
There isnt really anyone to ask sadly. I imagine it might need some kind of change to support ap scanning, how would you do that directly in openwrt so i can try and compare.