Glibc hash question

Hi I want to test the latest version of Glibc version 2.25 but I have two questions about the hash:

  • The package is compiled after getting the source with git, how can I resolve the hash with this? Normally I download a package and do a sha256sum but with this I need to know the hash before downloading.
  • Second question, there is a revision number in the which I can not figure out where it comes from, I look on the glibc website in git, how can I get that?

Thanks in advance.

As for the hash part: simply commit out the hash line in the Makefile, build once, take the SHA256 sum of the generated tarball in dl/ and put that back in as hash into the Makefile.

The build system will pack the cloned Git sources as a tarball in a way which makes it identical on all machines.

The revision number in is just an abbreviated Git commit hash (the first 7 characters). If you want to reference release version 2.25, navigate to the tag in the Git web interface:;a=tag;h=refs/tags/glibc-2.25 and take note of the revision there.

Within the glibc repository, the 2.25 release tag references commit db0242e3023436757bbc7c488a779e6e3343db04 so you can use use db0242e for the REVISION_X.YY variable in

@jow Thank you for explaining I will to test it.