GL-SFT1200 | ZeroTier - Install the lastest release version

Hi Everyone
I have the device stated in the subject with this version of firmware

4.3.6 | release2

In this moment this device has installed this version of ZeroTier 1.2.8-2

I would like to install a recent version of ZeroTier. Is there any way to do it??


That device is no longer in the Table of Hardware, so I'd guess it's no longer supported. Plus, 18.06 is also no longer supported and not really safe to use because of multiple vulnerabilities that have been patched since then.

Thanks for your reply
could anyone add something extra about this?

There isn't much more to add... 18.06 is unsupported and has been for several years already. It is very likely that a more recent version of ZeroTier is either unavailable or incompatible.

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Please ask the vendor GL.iNet to update the firmware as they created the existing mis-named firmware. They may have based this on OpenWrt 18.06, but it is not in fact OpenWrt as neither OpenWrt or Linux currently have support for the SiFlower SoC used in this device.

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It appears you are using firmware that is not from the official OpenWrt project.

When using forks/offshoots/vendor-specific builds that are "based on OpenWrt", there may be many differences compared to the official versions (hosted by Some unofficial versions may include closed source or custom code that can change the way that OpenWrt works. You might need help from people with specific/specialized knowledge about the firmware you are using, so it is possible that advice you get here may not be useful.

You may find that the best options are:

  1. Install an official version of OpenWrt, if your device is supported (see
  2. Ask for help from the maintainer(s) or user community of the specific firmware that you are using.
  3. Provide the source code for the firmware so that users on this forum can understand how your firmware works (OpenWrt forum users are volunteers, so they will look at code if they have time and are interested)

If you believe that this specific issue is common to generic/official OpenWrt and/or the maintainers of your build have indicated as such, please feel free to clarify.


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