GL-S1300 IOT gateway owners


Anyone using the GL-S1300 which is marketed as a IOT gateway ?
I am wondering how to set up the zigbee and bluetooth with this router and OpenWrt.

I plan to use the GL-S1300 as a mesh peer with the GL-B1300 I have currently.

My eventual goal is to have HomeAssistant running and use the GL-S1300 as a hub/node/interface to the smart bulbs etc I have at home


I'm currently trying to get this running.
The GL.Inet convexa s is now in openwrt 21 so I'm using stock openwrt instead of GL.Inets version.

Some points to get it somewhat working:

hold reset button while rebooting
plug laptop into lan port (keep wan uplugged)
set static ip
flash factory-to-openwrt file
restart holding reset button
flash openwrt itb
restart holding reset button
flash openwrt sysupgrade.bin

ssh root@
set your root password

plug in wan cable
opkg update

if you run df -kh you'll see that there is only 7mb storage (this is due to two different storage chips being in the device)
cat /proc/partitions
shows the partitions available

opkg install block-mount kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-usb-storage kmod-usb-ohci kmod-usb-uhci e2fsprogs fdisk

block info

The overlay partition is where you install your opkg programs to
we want overlay to be mmcblk0p3 = 500mb
we want mmcblk0p4 to be mounted at /mnt/data = 7GB

mount rootfs in another directory

DEVICE="$(sed -n -e "/\s/overlay\s.*$/s///p" /etc/mtab)"
uci -q delete fstab.rwm
uci set fstab.rwm="mount"
uci set fstab.rwm.device="${DEVICE}"
uci set"/rwm"
uci commit fstab

set the new overlay partition

mkfs.ext4 ${DEVICE}
eval $(block info ${DEVICE} | grep -o -e "UUID=\S*")
uci -q delete fstab.overlay
uci set fstab.overlay="mount"
uci set fstab.overlay.uuid="${UUID}"
uci set"/overlay"
uci commit fstab

copy data fro old overlay to new one

mount ${DEVICE} /mnt
cp -f -a /overlay/. /mnt
umount /mnt

reboot now

This should be a fully working openwrt install.

I couldn't get homeassistant to work using the python virtual environment. But it works well using docker

opkg update
opkg list | grep docker
opkg install dockerd docker

we need to use the storage on the data partition
edit /etc/config/dockerd
option data_root '/mnt/data/docker/'

mkdir /mnt/data/docker
cp -rf /opt/docker/* /mnt/data/docker/
reboot now
rm -rf /opt/docker/

reboot now

docker run --init -d
--name homeassistant
-e TZ=Australia/Sydney
-v /mnt/data/docker_homeassistant:/config

this will be a working homeassistant on your router ip port 8123 (

What I am currently stuck on is getting the zigbee chip inside the router to run since adding the integration zha in homeassistant errors out when connecting to it.
CPU2: Silicon Labs EFR32MG

but there is also mention of /dev/spidev1.0 which I don't understand.

sorry notes are still very rough

Has anyone gotten the zigbee to work?

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