GL-MV1000 sysupgrade?

I have a GL-MV1000 running OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc3. I don't see sysupgrade images for either 22.03.5 or testing 22.05.0.rc-2. The mv1000 is blank and the mv1000w has something wierd and broken.

Is sysupgrade image no longer the correct way to upgrade a system? If there a better process now? Do I need to backup, clean install, and manually rebuild all my setting changes (ouch!)?

  • It may be best to use a fresh config on an upgrade anyways
  • You'd just make a backup and use it as a reference

To be clear, you do see the SD card images for your device, correct?

Just FYI - this isn't a release version.

I see these three, my device has eMMC but I've used the squashFS version in the past. The ext4 version is new to me but I'm pretty happy with the read only + overlay so unless there's some good reason to switch I won't.


My config is certainly reproducible but I do have a dozen or so device I use dhcp reservations for and some changes to the time sync stuff that is a bit annoying to setup. And a couple of reverse NAT configs. It's enough to not want to rebuild if there's a better way. Plus without the upgrade process - won't the default install also default to a 192.x.x.x IP address for the router? I'm running my network on 172.21.x.x so that'll effectively force me to do the update and then manually configure a direct wired connection to get at least basic functionality back. I think.

Re: not release... yeah. I had a moment of energy back then and was planning to roll forward to the release. Then never got around to it. Kind of got away from me.