GL-MT300N v2 is not takeing any flush of OpenWrt 18.06.2

I used to build my own Firmware. Till OpenWrt 18.06.2 comes, All firmware was working. I usually use snapshot build.

But the problem is I can't install any firmware with Ubootloader or by the terminal. The device took flush I guess but I don't get any DHCP or If I set DHCP to not work either.

I eventually tried old firmware, but none of them work except

WHat can I do?

Now that you have OpenWrt running on the device, what happens if you try to use sysupgrade to 18.06.2? If it doesn't work, please post the error messages using the "code" button </> in the editor.

Just able to fix it, It was V1. And I was using V2 image. Thanks


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