GL-MT3000 is this writing OpenWRT config files?

Thinking about getting one of these and using it as a home router, just for the copper ports.

When it does its travel router thing, (WiFi as uplink and WiFi as handoff) is it writing OpenWRT config files?

Assuming you an get to the OpenWRT side of the device.. but that touching anything in there will change the custom gui things..

Anyone have one of these as a router?

Thanks in advance

Yes. If writing and editing mean the same thing to you.

Everything will look different when you flash it to 'Supported' OpenWrt.


The GL-MT3000 practically uses standard OpenWRT. They even have LucI bundled on their web interface. You can find it under 'Advanced Settings'.

GL-Inet use a slightly older version of OpenWRT and the proprietary Mediatek drivers instead of the opensource ones. The only difference that I found was that I could not set the wireless country code under wireless settings (the box was removed). After a bit of hunting I found it under MT Settings under the Network tab. I think this is because the proprietary driver needs a different interface.

That said if you want guaranteed OpenWRT compatibility, just install OpenWRT. The installation is straightforward, the GL-Inet de-bricking is very friendly, lots of people are using the MT3000 and there is lot of development taking place. Finally, going back to the GL-Inet software is also straightforward.

Yes I have one as a home router for a 1000/115 FTTP connection

Not just MT3000, I own another 2 GL devices which are very easy to debrick.