GL-MT1300 USB not recognizing my SSD

I just bought this device and trying to get it to recognize my SSD and it won't do it at all? I upgraded from the GL-AR750S which I had no problems getting it to recognize the same SSD. Trying to get it to file share and dlna but can't do that because it won't recognize. Is there going to be a firmware update or something more complex to setup with this new router? I am scratching my head. I might just end up returning it and just keep my AR750s.

you are probably missing some packages required for storage support.

Start by installing kmod-usb-storage and block-mount + dependencies, and the kmod required for supporting the FS on your SSD.


But don't should come pre-installed with those packages on the device since it has a USB 3.0 port on the MT1300? What would the dependencies for the Samsung t5 be for the kmod required for supporting the FS on my SSD?

You might not need them, and they eat, the usually sparse, flash space.

FS support is based on the file system used on your device.

Gotcha, I will try to do what you said when I get home tonight and see if it will mount the ssd. Is the FS like what is the drive formatted to? Like exfat, fat32, etc?

Yes, that's it.

Got so what dependencies would I need for the kmod to mount the SSD besides the kmod-usb-storage and block-mount?

I have all of that already installed. besides the block-mount and still won't recognize the ssd. I might just end up buying a mirco sd card to store in there besides trying to figure this out when it should be working out of the box like the AR750s. Been troubleshooting this for the last couple of weeks. Can't get a true answer out of support from GL.iNET.

define recognize, the disk won't automagically pop up somewhere, even if it's detected..

attach the drive, and post the log sequence generated by the kernel.

I had similar issues with a Segate 4TB USB3.0 HDU. Managed to get it working but not with USB3.0:
I did a quick writeup of some of the things I have done with it, sorry its not exactly step by step.